and over 200 other new features

We have been busy adding new requested features into the system. As a result, a massive amount of features from new mobile-friendly features and content animation to dynamic content queries and online payments have been added.
General, e.g.
  • Direct manipulation of the the production site is now possible on an account by account basis
  • The layout engine support for nested table-like elements has been revamped
  • A new improved search engine for queries within the site
  • Updates to IE10, IE11 and IE Edge handling
Display rules, e.g.
  • Table layout now available in all display rules
  • All fields now support prefix, suffix and auxiliary content
  • Automatic hyphenation for Finnish now supports minimum word length for special case handling
  • Flow-layout within a column
  • Random indexing now also supports cyclical indexing by, for example, day, week and month
  • Conditional visibility settings now extended
  • Support for skipping articles that already appear in previous rules
Articles, e.g.
  • You can now set the language support for each article seprately (for special case handling)
  • Cross-references between articles are now easier to use
Multimedia, e.g.
  • New carrousel animation library added
  • Support for multiple images from a single field
  • Google maps now support custom maps and POI-markers
Social media, e.g.
  • Support for LinkedIn-widgets (incl. share, follow, profile and insight)
  • Vimeo-support added
  • YouTube-support updated due to Flash/HTML5-transition
E-commerce, e.g.
  • Added support for accepting all major credit cards and payments made with online banking credentials issued by Finnish banks.
  • Added new customization options for the shopping basket and shopping banner
  • Added support for customized checks during the checkout process
Control panel, e.g.
  • Most lists and tables can now be sorted by column or filtered by values
  • Resize text fields by dragging with the mouse
  • Improvements to extranet-user management
  • The system now highlights broken file links on the pages (in case the file has been removed)
  • Fixed a number of usability issues in the forms

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