GDPR, improved control over SSL-certificates and social media shares

The latest update to the CMS brings with it a range of improvements on, for example, the support for secure HTTPS/SSL-communication and social media shares. Also the new EU GDPR legislation has brought about some small tweaks on features.

Help and technical assistance on EU GDPR

MetaVisual CMS automatically structures content into practical databases that facilitate oversight as granularly as needed. The structure of the databases is freely editable so that you get just the right fields, checks and log entries for your content. You can create as many user accounts as needed and give each account the appropriate access and editing rights to the site. The site logs and time stamps provide you with the necessary tools to track any changes on particular content or the entire site. These features have existed in MetaVisual CMS for a long time, but the recent inroduction of GDPR has increased their importance.

Wider support for secure SSL-connections

It has always been possible to use SSL sertificates with websites hosted by us, but now this support is automatically enabled for all customers. The importance of HTTPS/SSL-support for all websites on the internet is now growing, and we are happy to provide this service to our customers at no extra cost.

More control over social media sharing

MetaVisual CMS now gives you detailed control over how your content looks when it is shared on social media sites such as Facebook. You can use the same dynamic controls for preview content as you have used on the site thus far, so it is easy to choose what is shared and how -- and let the system take care of tedious tasks such as scaling images to the right size.


MetaVisual CMS now supports a free chat tool that can be embedded on any website. The tool enables you to add realtime chats on to your website without a hassle.

A lot more

In addition to the above highlights a number of small improvements and bug fixes have been made on the engine itself. These include new options for automatic image scaling (incl. improved support for Retina-displays) and tweaks to the administrator control panel.

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