A flexible and versatile platform for websites and mobile applications

MetaVisual CMS™ is a fully localizable, inutitive and incredibly customizable publishing platform for keeping your website or app up-to-date with style.
When you choose MetaVisual CMS™ you won't have to select from one of a set of ready-made page templates, instead the entire site with all of its columns, content, multimedia and animations can be tailored to your specification.
The system's control panel integrates directly into your site and enables you to make edits to the site whenever and wherever, without any programing experience. Yet, you have all the modern dynamic features at your disposal: program content to appear on the site at a given time and day, blur the line between searches and fixed content on the page with dynamic content rules and create custom animations with a click of the mouse. Whatever you do, rest assured that you can focus on the content and leave it up to the system to create standards compliant, W3C-validated, safe and through-and-through search engine friendly HTML5 code on your behalf.
A website designed, implemented and dutifully maintained using the MetaVisual CMS also fulfills the A-level, AA-level and AAA-level requirements set forth in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 by the W3C.
Everything you need from the web address to trustworthy server space and the invaluable technical support is included in the monthly maintenance fee. At the start, your site is designed and set up in a turnkey delivery -fashion by professionals according to the quote we have given.

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